The Captain’s Travels: Oahu – Day 2 – Beaches, Bluffs, and… Cats?

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Captain’s Log, Day 2

Has it only been one day since my last report? We’ve seen and done so much, I think we may have accidentally discovered time travel.

Note from the future: Strangely, that’s all I wrote today. Maybe I wasn’t kidding about time travel and we entirely skipped this day. I’m transferring my story logs to this new blog format two and a half years later, so specific memories are a little hazy.

Today was our first full day on the island, and we spent much of it simply exploring the area and getting our bearings. We found several scenic views driving around aimlessly, exploring shores, bluffs, and generally taking it all in. One of the more memorable bluffs was incredibly blustery, and the area was overrun with wild cats! I hesitate to use the word “feral” because they were very obviously comfortable with human presence and acted much like any house cat; they rarely fled, and several of them allowed me to approach them for photos and even to pet them.

In a bit of an embarrassing story, while we walked along Waikiki beach, one of my companions – I shall not name which for the sake of his dignity – came upon a duo of attractive women in the shallow water, clearly tourists like ourselves, who were attempting to carefully take selfies without dropping their camera in the ocean. When we got closer, I offered to take the photos for them, after which my unnamed companion began to flirt. The women were Japanese and spoke very little English, and my companion spoke a little Japanese. The communication barrier was difficult to overcome, but we stumbled our way through and the women pointed to their smartphones, repeatedly and simply asking, “Line?”. Neither of us understood what they meant, so after a few more minutes, we awkwardly parted ways. When we met back up with another one of our companions, he explained that Line is a popular chat app in Japan, which makes sense since the women were obviously travelling internationally and wouldn’t have standard cell service. My flirtatious companion scrambled to install the app on his phone and setup an account, but his mobile carrier was having none of that and he couldn’t get service. He borrowed my phone (with full bars) and setup an account in the small chance we ran into the women again, and as luck would have it, we saw them again a few minutes later. My flirtatious companion was successful in exchanging contact information, but unfortunately, he never heard back from them for the rest of our vacation.

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