Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire – Home Port Plunders

Aye, last weekend (18th-20th of August) is the yearly highlight of me exploits, the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire! I’ve been attending for at least 7 years now, maybe longer. The faire lasts for 3 weekends, each with their own theme: fantasy & faeries, masquerade, and pirates. Naturally, with rare exception, I always attend pirate weekend. There was talk of changing

The Captain’s Travels: Buccanneers and Bombshells – Day 2 – From the Seas to the Streets

We got a late start this morning, opting to repay yesterday’s sleep debt. Neither of us rolled out of bed until after 10, and we didn’t leave the room until after 11 in search of breakfast. We ended up at First Watch, a purportedly “healthy” option. We did not select the healthy options. Okay, healthy… Ish. Does glazed bacon count

The Captain’s Travels: Buccaneers and Bombshells – Day 1: The Calm Before the Storm

And I’ve set sail again, this time to the largest gathering of like-minded maritime adventurers in all of the country, Gasparilla! This time I’m bringing the dragon who calls herself Stevie. The journey begins by first scouting out the local lands of Tampa Bay before the invasion, then it’s off on a ship of my own – well, it’ll be mine

The Captain’s Travels: Las Vegas – Day 1 – The Sad Cheese Platter Experience

I traveled with my parents, my sister, and her boyfriend to Las Vegas to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday. It took several months of secrecy, but we were able to successfully plan the vacation without my dad’s knowledge until we told him two days prior to our departure. We arrived at our hotel Sunday night, missing the CES 2017 crowd by mere