The Captain’s Travels: Oahu – Day 1 – Aloha!

(This post originally appeared on Facebook before I started this blog.)

Captain’s Log, Day 1

It’s not a vacation until you’re pretty sure you narrowly avoided getting mugged.

The vacation began uneventfully enough, with only minor difficulty in regrouping at the airport when we all finally arrived on our respective flights. We acquired our rental car (which Jeremy volunteered to drive throughout the entire vacation — thanks again, Jeremy!), and discovered the first recurring joke of our vacation on the drive to our hotel: sleep screams! It… doesn’t convey well to text, and it’s one of those things where you really had to be there to appreciate the humor, so that’s the last you’ll hear of it, but I wanted to record its memorability for my own sake. There was a brief concern upon checking into our resort that one of my crew didn’t have a reservation, but that too was cleared up.

After freshening up in our respective rooms, we were exploring the nightlife to see what’s around at about midnight, and we walked by a couple of guys huddling together quietly. Dave was in the rear, and as we walked by, one of the two guys started following uncomfortably close to Dave with his head down, hoodie up while staring into his phone. Jeremy fortuitously looked back, noticed our tail, and loudly proclaimed, “Dave, you’re being followed”. The guy didn’t look up, increase his following distance, or take any noticeable measure of aborting his mission. We cut across the street, double backed, crossed again, and finally went in a different direction.

We ended up at a pub called Moose McGillycuddy’s, which we chose based on their nightly drink specials ($1 to $3 for most drinks? Yes please.) and the overall apparent activity inside. The place featured a dance floor, which was… well, we’re four white guys who live up to the lack of rhythm stereotype. Combine that with the aforementioned drink specials, and I’ll let you imagine how that combination went.

I wish I had a more fitting conclusion to this post, but did I mention $1 to $3 drink specials?

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