Avast, ye scallywags! ‘Tis I, the Captain of this here vessel, so ye better listen t’what I’m about t’ tell ye, for I’ll only say it once. This beauty of a ship be under my command now, and ye’ll do well t’ listen.

For too long, my adventures of piratical plunder and maritime mayhem have gone undocumented. That ends now. I’ll be regaling ye with stories from me past at first, jus’ t’ make sure we’re all on the same boat. I’ll do me best to make the tales lively, but ye’ll get little to no embellishment from me. A pirate is many things, but on his ship with his crew, our lives ebb and flow with each other like the seas beneath; we live and we die by our actions, so it’s important we have honor and truth among ourselves.

So grab yer favorite grog and attach yer harness tightly, for we’re in for a bit of a ride.

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