Avast, ye scallywags! ‘Tis I, the Captain of this here vessel, so ye better listen t’what I’m about t’ tell ye, for I’ll only say it once. This beauty of a ship be under my command now, and ye’ll do well t’ listen. For too long, my adventures of piratical plunder and maritime mayhem have gone undocumented. That ends now. I’ll be

The Captain’s Travels: Oahu – Day 6 – Journey to Atlantis!

(This post originally appeared on Facebook before I started this blog.) Captain’s Log, Day 6 Found an alternate portal to the world below. Observed the natives without interfering. Star Fleet would be proud. Traveled north and swam with more domesticated natives. Private Nick was wounded in battle when the local gods sent him tumbling, including injuries not noticed until later. Fortunately,