The Captain’s Travels: Buccanneers and Bombshells – Day 2 –¬†From the Seas to the Streets

We got a late start this morning, opting to repay yesterday’s sleep debt. Neither of us rolled out of bed until after 10, and we didn’t leave the room until after 11 in search of breakfast. We ended up at First Watch, a purportedly “healthy” option. We did not select the healthy options. Okay, healthy… Ish. Does glazed bacon count

The Captain’s Travels: Oahu – Day 3 – A Whole New World

(This post originally appeared on Facebook before I started this blog.) Captain’s Log, Day 3 Ventured into a whole new world today. Entered through an aquatic portal. This world is filled with entirely different species, many of them with gills. It’s a very friendly and slow moving world. I’ll have to visit again. Today was simply magical! I awoke early